Monday, February 1, 2010

True Love - Embroidery

Here is a little embroidery piece I designed for a large church activity years ago.  To mass produce I sewed parallel strips of red toned fabrics together, then cut perpendicular pieces.  I sewed the finished strips onto hand dyed pieces of muslin (I dye my fabric with cocoa powder).  Using Microsoft Word, I designed my fonts, printed them off, then traced them onto the fabric using a disappearing pen and a lit window.  I embroidered over the pen marks with two strands of embroidery floss.  To finish it off I added a strip of ribbon which separated the red toned section from the muslin.  I pulled the finished ironed piece over cardboard and taped the sides.  *Make sure you cut the cardboard a little smaller then the frame size as the bulk of the fabric will take up more space than a picture would. 

This project is super fast and extremely inexpensive depending on the cost of your frame.  It could also serve as a fun Valentines gift for a girlfriend...or guy?!

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Jana and Brett said...

I still have mine, and I love it. :0)