Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Homemade Baby Lady Bug Outfit

My mother was visiting a few days ago and decided she wanted to purchase a baby lady bug outfit for my sister who just had a baby. I got excited and suggested we make it. So we put our creative juices together and came up with this lovely creation. It was super easy and only cost $1.50!
The head band was made from a pair of holey tights my daughter owned.  I measured another head band in our house and then sewed this one together using a sewing machine.  To hide my lovely stitches I hand sewed a strip of the tights waist band around the machine stitched area.  Then, using pipe cleaners I created the antenna.  The head band was complete after I sewed on black and white buttons.

The tutu was created by taking a long ribbon (so it could be used as the baby grew) and tying on strips of black Toole (1 yard).  I bought a white onsie from Ross Dress for Less for $.50.

The back of the lady bug was created by cutting up some of my old clothes I was keeping to use for projects.  I traced around a large kitchen bowl to get two large red circles.  I also cut out a large piece of circular batting to match the red circles.  I cut six smaller black circles for the polk-a-dots and sewed them onto the red circle using a zig zag stitch.  I cut a piece of black ribbon to use for the center line and pinned it on.  Then, I sewed all three large circles, including the ribbon, together as if making a pillow (I can give more instructions if anyone desires).  After sewing I turned it right side out and hand stitched the opening closed.  It could be fun to add some light weight wire!  To attach the back of the lady bug to the onsie I sewed pieces of Velcro onto the red circle and the onsie.  Enjoy!


Amber said...

Adorable. I love it. Seems easy enough!

Ann said...

Fabulous! Love love LOVE it!

Laura said...