Friday, February 5, 2010

14 Activities for Valentines- Date Idea

Last year we got to go on a Valentines Date with another couple. In no time my brain came up with this fun idea. I asked the other couple if we could be in charge of the date...they were thrilled. To get some feedback without ruining the surprise I had them each fill out a survey via email in regards to some questions I wanted to know (i.e.- what are three of your favorite desserts?). I threw a few random questions in to keep them guessing. The surveys were fun to read! For the date I planned 14 activities to be done on the actual date. It made for a fun, memorable, and busy date! One we will never forget!

14 Activities:
1. Water guns- write your sweetheart a message in the snow with squirt guns or water bottles using pink water (dyed with red food coloring). *If you do not have snow squirt the side walk.
2. Make the passengers decorate the car while you are driving. Give them paper hearts, dollies, tape...
3. Dinner- eat!
4. Give everyone at the table, including the waiter, a sincere compliment. Giving the waiter a compliment turned out to be the sneakiest not to mention most exciting part.
5. Make napkin flowers using the napkins at the restaurant.
6. Write a “secret Valentine’s wish for the future” and give to your date. Bring paper (paper cut in heart shapes) and pens
7. Sing your spouse a love song. Bring CD's. This started out a little embarrassing. However, in no time we were all singing along.
8. In the car learn “I love you” in different languages. You can find lists on the internet. Bring a list to help out.
9. Stop the car and make everyone get out. Play a song and have everyone dance to the song. If you want to make them laugh choose a song they would not expect instead of a love song.
10. Make your date more attractive. Bring something fun like fun valentine head bands for the girls and bowties for the boys.
11. Write down 1 thing you are going to do in the next few days to celebrate Valentines Day.
12. Dessert- make something fun like chocolate bowls. You can make these by first melting chocolate. Then, drop a tablespoon amount onto wax paper. Next, blow up small balloons and dip them into the melted chocolate creating a bowl shape. Place the bottom of the bowl on top of the teaspoon of chocolate you dropped onto the wax paper. Let the chocolate dry then gently let the air of the balloon out. Fill your bowl with ice cream and eat up!
13. Make a quick Valentines craft.
14. Give your sweetheart a Valentines day kiss and hug!

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Sarah said...

ok I totally love these! I am definitely going to have to use several of these on our valentines date this year!!! Thanks for sharing!! :) (I just wish I could have been there to see you guys last year it sounds like it would have been fun to watch. ;)