Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mr. Elfkin's Christmas Mystery

Last year right before Christmas my Father was kind and told "Mr. Elfkin" where my children were located. As the children slept each night leading up to Christmas day Mr. Elfkin would place a surprise in their shoes for them to find in the morning. Well...this Christmas we were blessed in that Mr. Elfkin found my children again!

He left a craft on day one, these plush elves on day two, ornaments on day three, and candy on day four.  Every morning the children would rush to their shoes to discover what treasure Mr. Elfkin left for them.

Considering the fact that I am a mother, and mothers do know everything, I came equipped with mystery solving kits.  Wouldn't the kids want to know who Mr. Elfkin was, what he looked like, where he lived...?

Each kit contained: a mystery solving notebook, pencil, magnifying glass, and a snack in case the little tike's blood pressure dropped while on solving the case.

This was our crew.  They look intense!

Mystery solvers recording evidence.

One of our first clues.  There were tiny footprints on the kitchen counter leading to vegetables, fruit, and nuts.  It had appeared that Mr. Elfkin may like vegetables, fruit, and nuts...and may be a bit messy!

Another clue led us to suspect that Mr. Elfkin was camping outside with a fella named Peter Elfkin, a brother we presume.

We found footprints in the mud leading to a pond.  We concluded that Mr. Elfkin must weigh a lot to produce deep prints in such a hard ground (my significant others discovery :) ) and that Mr. Elfkin may like water.

We couldn't help add a few exciting elements into the hunt at the kiddos expense!  Do you blame us?  We all had fun although never actually saw Mr. Elfkin.  The mystery was not completely solved...maybe next year.

Stay tuned for our Elfkin themed dinner!

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this was a blast! Thanks