Thursday, January 21, 2010

I turned MY skirt into a little girl's dress!

I have had this skirt for years and never washed it.  I know that sounds really is kind of.  Regardless, I decided to wash it a few months ago and was disappointed to watch all the colors bleed into the white section.  I couldn't throw it away because it was so fun.  So I decided to transform it into a little girls dress.  I really don't have very much experience making up my own patterns but decided to give it a try.

If you look close you can see the color bleeding onto the white fabric.

Ta Da!  This is what I came up with.  I dyed it purple.  You can buy fabric dye at any craft store for around $2.  You will notice in the next picture I changed the shoulders to a halter top instead of a regular strap top. 

Here is my little model who was super eager to pose!  This sewing project required no cutting of the fabric!  Yeah!  You simply sew elastic in and ribbon over the top.  It is fairly easy and fast!  This was created for a 3T-4T girl.

This is the back side of the dress.  I am going to attempt to give you instructions.  If it does not come out the way you think it should you can not blame one pays me for this! :)

1. First, measure your childs chest.  Then add on 1 inch to compensate for seam allowances and cut 1 strip of wide elastic. (~21 inches for 3T-4T)

2. Find the middle of the elastic and pin it to one side of the dress.

3. Pin both ends to the other side of the dress.

4. Pin the middle of each elastic section (that does not currently have a pin in it) to the middle of both the front and back of the skirt.

5. Using white thread, sew 1/4 inch all the way around the skirt while pulling the elastic from behind as well as in front at the same time so the elastic is taut.  (I had a helper pull the front so I could take the picture)  *I pulled each pinned area so that the elastic bunches evenly across the skirt.

6. I sewed another line around the skirt to reinforce it.

7. Pin the half way mark on the front and back of the skirt.

8. Measure 2 7/8" from your middle pin in both directions and place pins in both spots on the front and back of the skirt if you want regular straps and just on the front if you want a halter top.

9. Cut 1 large piece of ribbon that will wrap around the outer top edge of the skirt and fray check the edges (you can use clear finger nail polish to fray check) or fold the egdes over and sew as pictured above.  You may want to add in an extra inch or two when cutting this piece.  You can trim it later.  Then, cut two smaller pieces that will act as the straps.  *If you are going to make it a halter top cut two 18 1/2" pieces and finish the edges.  If you want regular straps cut two 7 1/4" pieces.

10. For a halter top sew each 18 1/2" strap where the outer pins are located just on the front of the dress.  For regular straps sew the two shorter piece ends where the outer pins are located on the front of the dress.  Then, sew the opposite sides of the ribbon where the outer pins are located to the back of the dress as pictured below.

11. To finish it off sew the large piece of ribbon over the top of the outer edge of the skirt.

You did it!  Find a short model to try it on so you can examine your fine work


Emily Petty said...

I have several skirts/dresses that I never wash. Great transformation!

Rachelle said...

Fantastic recycling! And I never knew how to sew elastic directly onto something (always had to make a casing), but your instructions make perfect sense. Thanks for the detailed tutorial!