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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cheap Kitchen Makeover

I just completed a quick kitchen makeover without spending money.  In other words it is not super exciting!  I simply re-arranged junk in my house to make my kitchen look different :).  My colors are red, yellow, and brown.

I painted and decoupaged these dollar frames to add additional color to my plain wall.  Voila!  One of these days I would like to find an old coat rack in which I could hang oodles of adult aprons.  I already have a child size coat rack in which I will hang child size aprons.  I think it would be fun to allow helpers in my kitchen to pick from the collection of aprons depending on their mood that day!


Mark and Amber said...

Oh, it is so cute. Did you make that adorable red and white apron? Oh, it is soo adorable! I also love the find joy letters. Did you do that, if so, a tutorial would be GREAT!

Pamela said...

Looks awesome. It is so bright and cheery that I want to go in there and cook.

So I have those same frames and I tried to decoupage paper on them but they came out so bubly and looked bad. Maybe I should paint. Have you tried to decopaugew over paper before, any tips?

Sarah said...

Great idea! Love it! :)

Creative Stirrings said...

I did not make the apron but it wouldn't be very hard. I did make the blocks and the frames. Yes, I decoupaged paper to both. First, paint your wood and allow it to dry. Then, brush a layer of mod podge (a mixture of glue and water) over the painted layer and allow to dry. Next, brush an additional layer (covering every inch) just on the side you wish to display your paper and place your paper. If you are super annal at this point you can avoid problems. Make sure to press every inch of the paper onto the wood avoiding air pockets. Finally, brush a final layer of mod podge over the paper and allow to dry. If bubbles appear you can try and crease them out with your fingers. Laying your wood art piece on a flat surface with heavy objects resting on top will help eliminate bubbles. You will have better results if you use patterned paper as it seems to hide more flaws. Have fun!

Rachelle said...

I really want to try those Find Joy blocks! Everything you touch turns out beautiful. Thanks for the great ideas!