Monday, January 11, 2010

Annual Cookie Man Day!

Cookie Man Day
As a child I fell in love with a book, The Gingerbears' First Christmas, that was all about a family of gingerbears that came alive at night time and got carried away serving.

Because of this book I decided to create a day centered on gingerbread cookies and service.  For the last three years we have had an annual Cookie Man Day at the beginning of December.  The name was derived from my son who as a small child could not say, "gingerbread".  Instead, he called them, "Cookie Men"...and it stuck. 

To add to the excitement we listen to Christmas music and all dress up in festive aprons!  Some day I would love to make complete cookie men outfits that the family would wear while delivering cookies.  I think it would be hilarious to watch giant cookie men trying to run while delivering goodies... anonymously!  Imagine the laughter as your children grow up and begin to think they are "too cool" for giant gingerbread costumes.  Yes...I am a little crazy!  My Other Half thinks so too :).

These socks were a gift to our family one year to add to the festivities! 

After reading our book we set individual service goals, that we plan to carry out in the month of December, then record them on cookie men papers.  We post them on our fridge throughout the month to act as a reminder of the fun as well as our goals.

We always have a blast making our little cookie men and everyone helps!

The finished product!  Try melting Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses to use as the frosting.  They are AMAZING!! 

Happy Cookie Man Day to YOU!

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