Thursday, December 10, 2009

Princess Birthday Party

I threw a Princess Birthday Party a few days ago and thought I would share some of my original ideas. 
This is a picture of the overall table.  I thought it would be fun to put tutus around the chairs.  They would be a fun party favor if your little girl had a friend party.  We only had an uncle come and I don't believe he is in to tutus!

I used a pink bed sheet for the table cloth.  In the center of the table is a silver Christmas tree that I embellished with party favors.  I also put 4 silver and 2 pink candles on the table.

I used round silver treys for the charter plates that I bought years ago at the dollar store.  The plates are pink paper plates with silver glitter Polk-a-dots created with glue and glitter.

This is simply a pink paper cup which I spruced up with pom poms, cheap ribbon, rubber stamps and black ink, jewels (from the dollar store), and tiny rhinestones.  I have to say, it was the prettiest cup any of us had ever used!

Party Favor #1- These are the lovely crowns I made using foam, headbands, pom poms, and jewels.

Party Favor #2- I made magic wand pencils.

I used fabric, ribbon, and tape to create as well as hold it together.  To aid in rolling the fabric around the pencil I taped it to the pencil.  The ribbon was glued.  Each star was cut from craft foam.

I decided to create a castle cake that mimicked the cups.  Here it is!  It was 100% pink!  I used two boxes of cake to create the height I desired.  However, I only had one pink cake mix and one white.  So, I used half a box of pink jello to make the white one pink.  It worked and we actually liked the taste better than the original pink cake mix.  *Be careful not to add too much dry jello as it will cause your cake to run over the sides of the pan.  I was thrilled to see this work.  You could color and flavor a white cake mix with any box of jello your heart desires.

*This was a fun party to prepare.  After the dinner we took apart our cups and stuck the jewels to our bodies.  We had many laughs as we had a few extra piercings and felt very much bedazzled!


Amber said...

Oh, this is just perfect. Love the idea and love love love the execution. Seriously, this rocks!

Jana and Brett said...

ooo! I love it! I get to help Katie with Shy's party...maybe I'll use some of your ideas! (Is that cheating?)

Creative Stirrings said...
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Creative Stirrings said...

Jana, of course it is not cheating! That is why I post others can use them. Just remember to tell them to check this blog out sometime :).

Rachelle said...

I sooooo wish I had been at that party! Everything looks so fun and frilly. What a perfect princess party!

Emily Petty said...

very cute - I love the tutus on the chair. Seriously...where do you find the time to do all this stuff???!

Unknown said...

This is unbelievably beautiful, as usual!!!!! I'm sure she was in heaven:) Can't wait to see you all soon, very soon!!