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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crazy Holiday Brains!

Happy Holidays!

My brain is on fire but I am at a loss as I only have two hands, two legs, two eyes, and half a brain :).  For Christmas this year I am going to ask for extra of everything so that I can move mountains!  I have at least 15 ideas that just need to be carried out, photographed, and posted and no time to do it.  I could really use a secretary that could extrapolate from my head all craziness.  Considering this blog is lower on my totem pole of chores than children, a husband, paying jobs, church callings, and other items I will have to post this month as I find extra minutes here and there. 

May you find yourself extra cheery and bright
this glorious time of year! 

Your Friend


Joanna said...
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Joanna said...

Oh, Melissa! You never cease to amaze me. How on earth do you find the time to do so much? You must not sleep...

Emily Petty said...

Melissa it was great to hear from you on our blog! I love catching up with old friends - I didn't even know that Carrie A. had my blog address - I'll have to look her up too. Can I just say - Wow! You're blog is amazing - so many incredible things that you do - you must be wonder woman, super mom, and martha stewart (only much nicer and without the dishonest trading :)! lots of great ideas - I'll have to keep coming back for more! Do you have a family blog?

Creative Stirrings said...

This is our only blog for now. Maybe when I get another pair of arms or a secretary I will start a family one.=)

Rachelle said...

I'd say it's pretty understandable! I think I'll be kept busy enough with all the activities and amazing recipes you've already posted. Like that ice cream peanut butter chocolate cake from last week... I have been craving that for the last 7 days!