Friday, December 4, 2009

Aquatic Kid Themed Room

Here are some cheap kid aquatic room ideas that could inspire thoughts for other themes as well.  For those not living in apartments I hope you paint your walls! 

This is a quilt that I made.  I loved the Pottery Barn quilts but couldn't afford them so decided to make my own version.  It is a basic 12 inch block quilt.  However, on the reverse side I chose just a few of the colors and sewed long strips together in case my child outgrows the top.  The blocks which contain images were made by drawing the images I desired on paper and then by paper piecing (quilting technique) each block.

This is a series of aquatic themed picture frames and anchors.  The upper left is a shadow box I painted red and filled with sea shells and craft fishing net (that was my mom's idea).

The window treatment was designed by my mother as well.  We took craft fishing net and taped the net above the window using glue dots.  Then, we secured star fish into the net.  The map is a must in every child's room and very appropriate for our theme :).

This shelf could be much better but works for now.  The containers to the left are peanut butter containers emptied out and filled with seashells.  These could be filled with a number of items depending on the theme. 

Can't forget the animal life!  A giant rubber duck!  The table runner is created with bamboo place mats from the dollar store and more of the craft fishing net.  The basket to the left is from Hawaii.  I also have three circular baskets on the floor filled with aquatic animals that I did not photograph.  Have fun!

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Melissa said...

Wow! You are quite the seamstress. I wish I could look at something from pottery barn and then recreate my own version. I love it! Also loved that you made the quilt reversible for when he is older.