Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rainy Day Date Idea

The rain is here! My husband came up with a super fun date idea a few months ago. We went shopping for umbrellas. We chose a few stores that we thought would sell fun umbrellas and stopped in. Yes, we opened all of them inside (we probably totaled well over 100 years of bad luck...oops). It made us feel like kids again. We each purchased one by the end of the date.

If you are feeling super generous keep your eyes out for rain gear for your kids! I am sure they would love some fun rain boots, bright umbrellas, or a colorful new rain coat!

Don't forget to the end the date with a treat! Everyone needs a little sugar everyday to boost sweetness levels! Some days I need a little more than others :). You could stop by a coffee shop and get some hot chocolate and pastries. Or...if you are really on top of things pack a bag with a hot water thermos, mugs, and spoons and at the end of the date go to the grocery store and pick out a variety of hot chocolates. Then, find a park and sample away!

Rain boots could be pretty fun regardless of your age!


Rachelle said...

Where, oh where, did you find such fun rain boots? The umbrella is darling as well!

Amber said...

Love this idea. The photos are so cute and look so fun.