Monday, October 19, 2009

Pineapple Fruit Roll-Ups

1 (#10, or 6 lbs 10 oz.) can pineapple chunks
Cinnamon, optional

Food dehydrator or oven

Drain the pineapple juice.  (Do not throw it away!  You can drink it or add it to another juice, freeze it in ice cube trays and use it for smoothies, pour it into popsicle molds and give them to your children...)  Puree the pineapple in a blender until smooth (yields: 8 1/2 cups of puree); set aside.

If you are using a dehydrator: Prepare your dehydrators fruit leather sheets by lightly greasing them.  Pour one 1 1/4 cup of the puree onto each sheet and spread evenly with the back side of a spoon.  Sprinkle with cinnamon, if desired.  Turn your dehydrator on.  Check every couple hours.  It may take 9-11 hours depending on your dehydrator.  The leather is done once it becomes dry to the touch.  Try not to over cook it!

If you are using the oven refer to the following website for instructions:

*My mom taught me how to make apple and grape fruit leather.  While shopping at Costco one day I gazed down their #10 can fruit section and decided to give other fruits a chance.  We have also made peach, pear, and watermelon leather (don't forget to remove the seeds).  As long as you can create a puree you could make any leather your heart desires!  Our family favorite is pineapple.  I think it tastes like crystallized pineapple sugar.  Have fun and get creative in making designs or combining flavors.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, this is Raquel Andelin. I really like your blog. It's like having all the things I like in once place...perfect. So I have a question. Which dehydrator do you use? I am looking to buy one and I'm wondering if there are any features that I should look for. I have my eye on Nesco snackmaster and also the gardenmaster model. Any suggestions?

About the pineapple juice...if you are dehydrating apples you can dip the slices in the pineapple juice to prevent browning as they dry. So yeah, for sure don't throw it away.

Great blog, thanks for sharing all you wonderful ideas with us.

Creative Stirrings said...

I have an American Harvest. I like this brand because it has a semi-universal build which makes it easy to buy additional parts for. It was also cheap...~$20.

Thanks for sharing the tip on pinneapple juice!

Unknown said...

I have a nesco gardenmaster and its pretty amazing!!

The comment about using pineapple for the apple slices... YES!! That's exactly what I do!! I just cored and cut up 42 fresh pineapples and I saved and froze all the juices to use for apples!!

This recipe for the pineapple fruit roll ups will work as well with fresh pineapple too??