Friday, October 23, 2009

Our tree climbing, monkey tossing, banana adventure!

Our family fun day for the month of October was centered on monkeys. My son LOVES to climb trees so I decided to plan an event right up his alley! We began our adventure with a monkey themed picnic lunch.

Technically the soda was a "werewolf ".  However, I thought it resembled monkeys...and it was the cheapest.

As for the sandwiches I took a metal monkey cookie cutter and turned it over so that the sharper side was facing towards me.  Then, with a clean and dry towel I perforated the bread with the blundt side, pressing hard.  I finished it off by toasting the bread.  You could try this out with any cookie cutter for numerous occasions!

After lunch we climbed trees.

We also had a peel toss.  Who ever succeeded in tossing their peel over a low branch got 5 points.  Peels tossed over medium height branches got 10 points.  Those tossed over high branches got 15 points.  Peels that did not come back down lost the game...oops!

The kids had fun playing an old favorite, Barrel of Monkeys®.  I ran across another monkey related game called Bananagrams® that may be fun to check out.

After dividing into teams we had a monkey throw.  Using yellow pillowcases we tossed a stuffed monkey back and forth.  Who ever dropped the monkey lost.  The kids had fun but felt super bad for their monkey friend every time he was dropped.  I think our monkey friend has healed!

This was the favorite activity of the day!  We made a banana swing using a yellow bed sheet.  Good thing our kids don't weigh more than 45 pounds!  We even swung them in 360 degree circles.  What a work out!  Luckily we avoided severe head damage.  They LOVED this and begged us to do it over and over again!  We were forced to stop when our arms broke off our bodies.

To end our delightful day we had banana splits with homemade strawberry and pinneapple sauces.  I forgot the cherry on top...oops.  It certainly didn't stop us from gobbling them up!

If you want to copy this idea for a date or your family and need more to work off of here is a list of ideas that also work with this theme.
• set up a hammock
• build a tree house
• draw your dream tree house
• eat your meal in a tree
• drape ropes over a sturdy branch and swing away
• hang paper vines over a few branches and eat underneath for a jungle feel
• dress your kids up like monkeys
• get banana splits at a restaurant
• visit a climbing wall or go bouldering
• make a tree swing
• plant trees
• play a tree measuring guessing game (estimate the circumference and then measure)
• see how many times your kids can run around a tree without falling over
• using the word "monkey" allow each person to come up with a random activity that starts with the letter they get.


Jana and Brett said...

How fun! I love bananas, and monkeys! I have childhood memories of being tossed in a blanket...except I had really mean uncles who got a little carried away. :0) They were having fun! (at our expense.) haha

Unknown said...

I'll bet this was soooo fun, you know how to throw a party/entertain the right way Melissa!! How creative!