Monday, October 5, 2009

Monsters and Muffins

Halloween is approaching and to celebrate the season I decided to create a fun family oriented activity.  So I created a Monster and Muffin party for the apartment complex I live in.  The party consisted of a nature walk, monster building using items found in nature, and muffin consumption!

As we waited for everyone to show up we drew monsters on the sidewalk.

Some came dressed up in monster costumes!  (Picture on the right)- For those who did not come dressed up we helped a little.  A friend of mine shared this clever idea.  Put tape on their arms so that the sticky side is facing outward.  Then as they find items in nature they can adhere them to their cute little bodies. 

I made bags for each participant so that they could collect their monster parts along the way (sticks, rocks, leaves...).  The kids as well as the adults really got into this!  Every time someone found an item they would get super excited and using their imagination would exclaim, "hey look I found a monster tongue, or monster arms..."  Side note- before the event I drew monster foot prints along the path we would be taking to add to the thrill :).
At the end of our nature walk we built our monsters using craft glue and toothpicks.  Here are a just a few monster creations.  I decided to get googly eyes in case there were a lot of younger children. 

To end the day we ate MUFFINS! I bought an assortment of monstrous sized muffins to munch. Everyone loved them! What's not to like about sugar?


Joanna said...

What a fun fun way to do a treasure hunt! Thanks for posting & sharing such fun ideas!

Jana and Brett said...

Love it! I'm sorry we couldn't be there!!

Unknown said...

This is so cute!! I'm totally going to copy you!:) I wish we could have experienced it:)

Sarah said...

Looks like it was SO much fun! We totally would have come if it wasn't during Conference! Thanks for sharing all the fun you guys had! :)