Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Monster Parts" - Goodie Bags

Looking for a healthier halloween gift idea?  For a date night a few nights ago I had my other half help me create these fun little critters.  We put the components for each character in a paper bag and gave them out to neighbors.  We included a wallet size photo of the monster in each bag to help everyone re-create the fun.  Of course you could encourage creativity and tell people to design their own monster using the parts given. 

Banana Ghosts.  Put the following ingredients in a "Monster Parts" goodie bag*:
1  green banana (it will ripen in the paper bag)
4 pretzel sticks
4 mini circular cookies
4 raisins
Dollop of white frosting in a small sealable plastic bag

Instructions: Cut the banana in half.  If the bananas do not stand by themselves cut additional banana off.  Peel the bananas 2/3 of the way.  Brake a little of each pretzel off and insert arms in between peels and into the banana.  Frost one side of each raisin and attach to the head for eyes.  Place the cookies under the peel to represent feet. 

Freaky Frankenstein. Put the following ingredients in a "Monster Parts" goodie bag*:
1 green apple
2 mini marshmallows
2 mini circular cookies
Dollop of chocolate and white icing in small sealable plastic bags

Instructions: *This monster is intended for older children who can use knifes for carving.  First, spread the dollop of icing on the top of the apple and using a knife create hair.  With a small knife carve Frankenstein's face.  Spread a little white frosting on one side of each marshmallow and adhere to apple for neck bolts.  Place the two cookies under the apple to represent feet. 

Cyclops Snail.  Put the following ingredients in a "Monster Parts" goodie bag*:
4 pretzels
3 mini circular cookies
1 mini marshmallow
1 mini chocolate chip
Dollop of white icing in a small sealable plastic bag

Instructions: Dip the pointy end of the mini chocolate chip in frosting and push into the marshmallow.  Frost the back side of the marshmallow and adhere to the top of a wafer cookie.  Break all the pretzels in half.  Place two wafer cookies on a plate side by side.  Cut the apple in half making sure you cut through the stem side.  Place the apple on top of the wafers, peel side up.  Dip the end of each pretzel in frosting and attach to the cookies creating legs.  Frost the lower portion, of the backside of the cookie with the eye and adhere to the base of the snail.

One Hairy Apple.  Put the following ingredients in a "Monster Parts" goodie bag*:
1 apple
3 tablespoons coconut
5 mini marshmallows
2 mini chocolate chips
3 wafer cookies
dollop of white frosting
dollop of honey

Instructions: Dump the coconut onto the counter.  Coat the apple with honey then roll in the coconut; set aside.  Cut a marshmallow in half.  Dip the pointy ends of the mini chocolate chips in white frosting and stick into the non-sticky side of the mini marshmallows.  Spread a little frosting onto the sticky side of the marshmallow and adhere to apple creating the eyes.  Dip one side of the remaining marshmallows into the frosting and stick two marshmallows onto the end of two separate cookies; set aside.  Break a small piece off of the remaining cookie.  Arrange cookies on a plate placing the legs next to each other and the third smaller cookie right above the legs.  This piece will help balance the apple.  Place the apple on top of the smaller cookie. did it!

Edible Claw.  Put the following ingredients in a "Monster Parts" goodie bag*:
1 apple
2 round cookies
dollop of frosting

Instructions: Frost the inside of one cookie.  Place the other cookie on top of the frosted side and place on a serving plate.  Slice the apple and arrange the cut pieces, peel side down, to represent claws.  Beware... this one may grab you as you eat it!

*"Monster Parts" Goodie Bag- This is the bag I put the ingredients in.  For my "Monster Parts" label I used an image from Microsoft clip art.  Have fun and be creative.  Don't forget to include a picture (wallet size is sufficient) of the monster, a copy of the instructions, and the ingredients in each bag!  Happy Halloween!


Amber said...

Oh!!! Wonderful idea. I just love. it.

Jedda said...

Great idea! I'd love to feature it this Friday with a link :)

MyCreativeStirrings said...

Thanks! I sent you an email in response to your thislittleproject address.

Rachelle said...

I bet my neighbors would LOVE receiving these for their families! Thanks for such a fun idea!

growing up creative said...

we may just have to have a monster food making party....thanks for the ideas.