Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marshmallow WAR!

Today we learned about Castles.  After learning all there was to know we designed our very own castles out of cardboard boxes (reinforced with popsicle sticks and staples).  I let the kids decorate them with crayons and clip art found in Microsoft Word. 

We made catapults out of plastic rulers, thread, and plastic baby food containers to prepare for WAR! We divided into teams (boys versus girls). I then divided up a bag of marshmallows and let the kids battle it out!

Marshmallows were flying everywhere and the kid's laughter was louder than ever!  They had a riot.  Towards the end the girls called truce as they claimed the boys threw too hard.  Good thing this wasn't an actual siege...marshmallows feel much softer than bricks or boulders!

To end the fun we made castles out of rice krispy treats, marshmallows, and flags.  I meant to save some larger marshmallows the kids could use to make towers from but accidentally threw them all into the ammunition pile.  Oops!  Regardless, they did not have problems using their imagination!


Amber said...

Pure genius!

Unknown said...

Mel, your ideas are fantastic!!!! I want to try all of them!!! But, how do you find the time?? I'm so glad you do, 'cause I love to look on :)

Joe Hawkins said...

Olive looks a little outnumbered. Is there any room for big dumb dinosaurs or Joe-bot 2.0 on the next go around?