Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Date Idea

I haven't seen my spouse very much lately as his schedule has been crazy.  I decided that we could benefit from a relationship building exercise...a date.  We did this at home.  I bought two small pumpkins and pulled out our permanent markers.  First, I asked my other half if he had any genius ideas using a pumpkin and permanent markers.  I decided my original plan was best... :).  I told him that we were going to decorate pumpkins for each other using markers.  He could draw pictures, write notes...  Neither one of us had ever received a decorated pumpkin from another.  Our kids also love them and keep carrying them around the house.  I wonder if you could bake these considering that permanent marker is not non-toxic??  If so, you could revisit the date in a month when the pumpkins need to be thrown out, by making a pie!

Of course we had to have a treat!  I had little packets of Carmel dip that I heated up in the microwave.  I put crushed candy bars in one paper cup and chopped nuts in another.  We dipped away! 

*This date was intended for a park.  However, our children had issues 5 minutes before we left so the date was moved to our house.  If you need a filler for a date and are bored of the traditional dinner and a movie then plan ahead and pack a few spontaneous activities.  Don't forget to take a picture as the pumpkins will not last forever.

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Rachelle said...

Oh, I actually love that this can be done at home! We are having trouble getting out of the house together and have been in need of some new stay-at-home date ideas. I'll grab a couple more pumpkins at the grocery store today!