Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bathroom Trasformation

To surprise my spouse I transformed our bathroom last year for less than $25.  I just thought I would share some of the ideas as they were very doable for those who have a tight budget.  I am a little embarrassed that I am sharing these photos...oh well.  Welcome to the world of college students!

The First Column contains the before shots and the second column contains the after shots.
First and foremost I decreased clutter!!  I also re-used items I already had.  On the top shelf I stuck some brown fabric inside the basket on the right to mimic a basket liner (I didn't want to make one).  I then used flowers from the dollar store that I already had in my collection.  I found the little green bowl in my closet and put pinecones inside as they are FREE and matched my decor!  All the baskets you see I already had and were from the dollar store.  They look better in real life.  I simply spray painted them using a mettalic brown spray paint.  I did make liners for the bottom four using old bed sheets.  (Making liners instructions- start measuring/sewing/cutting and eventually you will get a liner).  If you are not selling the liners then no need to stress if they are not perfect.  I can promise you most people will never notice!  On the second shelf I have rolled our assortment of bath towels.  I also changed out the candles (there is one on each side of the towel basket) to cream.  I originally had maroon.  Candles are pretty cheap!

I decided the card holder above the shelf needed to be moved as it was way too busy!  So I found an art piece at TJ Max in their clearance section for $9.  As for the top of the shelf I found a piece of fabric in my fabric collection and trimmed it down to help spruce up the lovely furniture and tie things together.  It is black with a fun metallic pattern. I sewed around the edges to make it look more professional.  I found the candle stands and the candles at the dollar store.  The candle holder on the right is from Ross and was $2. 

The lovely card holder which I could not seem to part with is now above the toilet.  I changed out the cards on it and included new cards (which do have notes inside to my sweetheart).  I also tied new ribbons to help tie the bathroom colors together.  As for the shower curtain which is very difficult to see, it was purchased with a gift certificate at TJ  Max for $12The curtain is sage green, dark brown, black, gold, and copper.  I used this piece to select all other colors.  I did not want to replace all items so I simply used the items I wanted to keep (bath rugs and towels) and changed my color scheme.  I could have done tons more with a little bit more money.  For now, it works and looks much better!

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What bargains!! Way to go Melissa!