Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sweetheart Journal

Need a cheap gift idea for your sweetheart, newlyweds, or marriage veterans?  I heard about this idea from a dear friend who use to live close.  I decided that it needed a poem.  Keep in mind that I am not a poet.  However, if you are not a poet either then this just may do!
This first picture is the title page I decorated using scrapbook paper, and rubber stamps. 

Just in case you cannot read the words it says,

Sweetheart Journal

This little book has a purpose for you,
Its use should be shared between two.

Simply write a love letter, a poem, or note
To the one you adore, love, and often dote.

Then, hide this book for your sweetheart to find
And wait for a reply that will tickle your mind.

Remember, be creative and have fun
You have only your spouse's heart to be won.

Creative ideas could include: games (the dot game, tic tac toe), poems, letters, pictures, notes, comments about dates...


Jill said...

I love it! And I think you're a poet and didn't know it! haha (couldn't help it) Such a great idea!

Christina said...

I am making this and giving it as a gift for our three year anniversary. Thanks for the inspiration!

Creative Stirrings said...

Great! I hope you and yours love it as much as my other half and I have. We write notes and place it somewhere where our other half can find it. Then they write and note and pass it back. It is wonderful to have the notes recorded and so easily accessible when we need a pick me up!


Anonymous said...

This is such a wonderful idea!!!! I have a friend getting married in August, and this will be a PERFECT gift for her and her new husband!!!! Thank you!!!

Tina said...

Hey there!
Thanks so much for this idea! My best friend and I both made this for our long-term boyfriends for Valentines day.
And to both of our surprises.. both guys have been participating and get really excited about it!
Thanks again <3