Friday, September 11, 2009

Mickey Mouse Lunch

My parents, who live out of town, had a four hour layover yesterday and I decided they needed a fun themed lunch. Everyone could use a themed meal once in a while to take them back to the good old days! I picked a theme that they adore and got my brain to crank out the ideas.

I chose red, black, yellow, and white for my colors.  I used a red and white polk-a-dot piece of fabric for the table cloth.  For the plates I simply stapled two different sizes of black paper plates together.  The vases are made out of cans of food that have been cleaned out (this would be a super cheap way of mass producing vases for a large function in which the budget is limited!).  I used black and white paper, my finger print and a black ink pad for the Mickey Mouse's emblems, and ribbon to decorate the vases.  There are black paper Mickey's all over the table that were simply punched out using various sized Mickey paper punches (which I borrowed).  I purchased all decorations at the Dollar Store.
Here was our drinking cup.  I used yellow cups, black cardstock, double sticky tape, ribbon, my finger print, and black ink to make each cup.  I decided to put the silverware and napkins in the cups.
Of course the food had to be mickey themed as well!  We had a cream cheese and bacon potato chowder with two biscuits resting on top for the ears.  You could rest them on the side of the plate if you wish.  On the left ear I have what I called "Mickey Stacks".  It is layers of giant round crackers that have a variety of Mickey mouse heads made out of carrots, cucumbers, pepperoni, and olives.  I put a dollop of ranch dressing in the yellow striped dipping cup to the right of the stack for dipping.  On the right ear I made a fruit salad.  You could use round fruits to create a Mickey head if desired.

For dessert I kept it simple.  We had giant scoops of chocolate ice cream and chocolate Oreo's.  What could be better :).


Melissa said...

WOW! You are certainly a pro at coming up with amazing table settings on a whim. I admire people who are so creative AND cost conscious. Looks like you are a fabulous cook as well!

Jana and Brett said...

too cute! We love Mickey at our house too. We are going to see him in 1 month!!! Yay!
Hey thanks for the cookies! They were delicious....."were" meaning they are ALL GONE already! THANK YOU! :0)

Vickilyn said...

I am so excited for this idea. My sister in law and I are having play groups once a week, I think I am going to try this. Rylee and my niece are super big mickey fans

Rachelle said...

I can't believe how many different ways you can incorporate the Mickey theme! So many great ideas in one post!