Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lamp and Window Treatment


These ideas are not my own.  My mom told me about them and I just thought I would share.  We simply bought coordinating ribbon, lined them up, and then basted them (sew a straight line to connect all the ribbon at the makes it easier to hang up).  Then, using glue dots we stuck them to the wall.  Got to love glue dots!!  We found the dragonflies and leaves at a craft store.  You could run with this idea!  You could hang all kinds of crazy things for a girl or boy room!  Have a blast!

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Ken, Kendra, & Kyson Nhep said...

Hey Mel! Yeah, it's me... I'm so glad you've started a blog as well. I wish I had the energy/time to do all the fun meals/ dates/ and things you do with your family-how fun! Thanks for sharing all of those yummy looking recipes... I will have to try them sometime!