Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kid Directed Movie

I babysit three additional children every week and so I constantly have to think up creative ideas to keep everyone busy. This last week I decided we should film a movie. Everyone picked from the costumes we have been storing and I allowed them to write the script…I had to help connect their brain waves! After the script was written we started shooting. We live in an apartment complex and so there were many other children who wanted to be included. We allowed everyone be part of this grand production. We incorporated into the movie those who came out dressed up. The children who did not dress up were considered “Village Munchkins”. Everyone had so much fun we filmed a sequel.
Filming a family movie once a year could be a great annual way to capture individual personalities on video. One could adapt the special effects as the kids age (new stunts, film in reverse, etc.). Don’t forget to reminisce every once in a while over past movies! I am sure you will smile…at least once!

From The Other Half,
I remember doing this as kids.  We loved it and got many a laugh from re-watching our creations.  Unfortunately, as teenagers the movies were used very effectively as blackmail material...Watch out kids!!!

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Amber said...

Oh, we have to do this too! And Zucchini pancakes?! Awesome way to use the over-crop!!