Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy BIRD-Day To You!

We spent my mom's 51st birthday in a rustic cabin in northern Idaho. It was beautiful, majestic, and super snowy. Since we were miles away from civilization and my brain never ceases to stop I decided she needed a fun themed birthday party! My mom has always loved birds so birds it was!

The cabin was super dark and the pictures reflect it. This is a picture of the plate settings. The silverware is folded inside napkins I made from fabric I have been storing for years. I found the wooden bird house sticks from a craft store on sale for $0.25 each. Since it was around Christmas I tried to get small bird houses that could double as ornaments, but I could not find any. I tied the napkin, a single feather, and the bird house sticks with blue ribbon. I garnished the plates with chocolate eggs of all sizes. The tablecloth is a twin bed sheet. The bamboo table runner is actually a collection of placemats I found at our local dollar store.

As for my colors, I chose blues, browns, and yellows. I gave my husband the task of cutting the pineapple to resemble a bird (the yellow thing on the plate). He did a fabulous job (don't forget toothpicks or kabob skewers to keep the pinaple bird together). For decorations on the table runner I bought a huge container of jelly bellies and sorted them by color (yes, it took awhile), then filled vases with colors that matched the table. I topped off the vases with fake bird's nests and fake eggs. There was a series of fake birds scattered around the table. In the center was a giant bouquet of flowers. It would have been better to cut the flowers down and make three smaller bouquets. That way guests would not have to look around the bouquet to talk to each other. Oh well :).

Our dessert was fun! I made a homemade macaroon cookie to represent a bird nest and topped it with a scoop of ice cream for a bird body. The tail feathers are made from Swedish fish. The eyes are mini chocolate chips and the nose is an orange tic tac. The chocolates on the plate represent bird turds. Just kidding! They are whoppers and raisinettes representing bird eggs. We placed a jar of hot fudge on the table for those who preferred a chocolate bird.

*F.Y.I.- All ideas posted on this blog are 100% me. If they are not my ideas (or what I think are my original ideas) I have indicated. Have fun exploring and creating! I do!


Jill said...

Beautiful! What a great idea! I know you're blog name indicates it, but you are SO CREATIVE!! ;) I'm going to keep my eye out for cute/cheap finds from dollar stores!

Jana and Brett said...

Love the dessert. haha too funny. So you need to make a button...if you aren't sure what I am talking about. Come over to my blog and look for my buttons. You click on these "buttons" and it will take you to their blog. I would love a button for your's like free advertising.