Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Digging For Gold

I babysit three older children three times a week so I am constantly trying to come up with fun activities that will keep all six children busy and happy.  This week I decided that we should all be archeologists.  I looked up some basic information on archeology to teach and thought up a goofy activity.  For the activity I made up a "secret" language using Microsoft Word (I will include it in case you would like to save yourself some time).  I then had each kid write a friend (who lives in our apartment complex) a note using the secret language.  The notes went something like this,

U   R   an  archeologist.  Look for gold under your window.

Then, we folded up the secret message, including a key (to decipher the language), and placed them in disposable cups.  I had each child bury their message in the cup with dirt and insert a spoon (for their friend to use for digging).  We labeled each cup with their friend's name then buried the "gold" (bags of candy) in the dirt under their friends windows.  Using sticks we placed an "X" on top of the place we buried the gold to help their friends locate the spot.  Then, after placing the cups on their friend's door steps we took off running.  Everyone had a blast! 

*Some of my children were not old enough to write the code by themselves so I wrote one and then photocopied it.  You could use this idea to surprise your sweetheart!  The kids would love to help.  Just don't let them give the end away too early!  Good luck gold diggers!

▬   A            ♠   N

☺   B            ♪   O

☼   C            ♯   P

◌   D           ▼   Q

®   E            ♫   R

◄  F            ►  S

◊   G             ♦   T

◘  H             ♣   U

▲   I            ﻕ    V

☻   J            ﯼ   W

▫   K              ﴾   X

∆   L              ﴿   Y

♀   M           ♂   Z

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