Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bakery and Date in a Box Dates

Here are a few date ideas that are under $10. There are many more to come! I just need more time to enter them :)

1. Walk to a local bakery or cupcake shop. There is something about walking to a bakery with someone you care about…maybe because I am obsessed with food? If you do not live next to a bakery then surprise your sweetheart by parking a few blocks away and packing a back pack with a blanket, games, fun drinks... If you go to a cupcake shop make sure you get a few varieties and share them.

2. Date in a box. Pick a random box or container (you could decorate it if you are really ambitious). Put items in the box that you could do on the date (food, games, tickets, ideas…). After the date give the box/container to your partner and tell them that it is their turn!

1 comment:

Leona said...

I'm obsessed with food, too! That sounds like a great date idea. Will and I are up for anything that involves eating!

By the way I love your blog! That diaper cake in particular is totally impressive. And I thought pirate day was sooo cute.