Monday, August 31, 2009

Yellowstone Adventure Bags

I gave the kids Yellowstone adventure bags to play with while in the car at Yellowstone. The bags contained homemade binoculars which other tourists loved and couldn’t help but comment on (they were made from toilet paper rolls). At one point we let the kids look through our legit binoculars where they decided ours must be broken as theirs were a lot more clearJ. The bags also contained plain paper plates (I had them color them and then I cut them into snakes), supplies to make sock puppets, animal cookies, a homemade coloring pad with pictures of animals throughout, crayons, coloring pages, bags of paper stars (to tape on the roof of the car…or where ever their short little arms could reach), stickers, a map of wolf packs throughout the park, and a ball of string which we called a “spider web” (the kids created spider webs in the back seat using the string). They loved this game, and I certainly got my fill of un-doing knots so we could re-create the fun over and over and over. We also put aquatic bug catching nets in each bag. While in the park we pulled off along Antelope Creek and caught some bugs. This was our favorite activity! The meadow next to the creek was gorgeous; there were no mosquitoes, lots of shade, and the perfect amount of water for little people to explore! Overall, this was the kid’s favorite part of Yellowstone! I guess we could have saved on hotel stays and fulfilled this at home.

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