Monday, August 31, 2009

Save The Worms

This picture is not the best! I ran out of time. I would pipe on the umbrella handle with chocolate pudding. For the month of June we Saved the Worms! Not really. Our theme was to save the worms based on all the rain we have been having but there were no worms to save. Instead we went puddle jumping. I wish I could have captured their excitement when they watched me jump into a puddle first. They both yelled, “moooommm…!!” Then squealed with delight and joined me. We splashed each other until the kids were sopping wet. It was fun! We also made a tie dye rain craft, and ate fun treats (umbrellas made out of oranges, dirt/cookies, worms/candy, and had paper umbrellas in our drinks) all under a giant beach umbrella. They were really excited! In fact they kept hugging me telling me what an amazing idea this was. I need to remember their words as someday the excitement may vanish a bit.

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