Monday, August 31, 2009

Pirate Adventure

Ahoy Matey! The other day we plundered a store for meat, sailed the seven seas, and found buried treasure. It was a busy but profitable day! In actuality we had a family fun day with a pirate theme. It began with a treasure map showing up on our front door. The kids were excited as were we. So we geared up in pirate attire for an adventure to remember. The map took us through a tree tunnel to store which sold meat on bones (fried chicken). We landed our vehicular vessel (The Silver Bullet) in a park west of Red Butte Gardens. Then, we tied our scurvy by drinking orange pop and root beer in glass bottles, eating chicken on bones, potato, César, and fruit salad. After our guts were filled to their brims we fastened our eye patches, strapped on our bandanas and followed the map to the river. I made tiny pirate ships for all to sail. The kids loved them and panicked when we told them we were going to leave them in the river. So… brave daddy risked all to save the beloved pirate vessels. Finally, we found the treasure. It was filled with bubble gum, toys, and of course treasure. The estimated value of the loot was $3. We divvied the bootie, partook of some bubba gum, took some pictures and headed home to put our sleepy junior pirates to bed. At this point we resumed normal speaking voicesJ.

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