Monday, August 31, 2009

Hoedown Fun

We all had a riot on our Hoedown adventure. We all got geared up in cowboy gear mounted our horses (play stick horses) and took off for the Wild West (a nearby park). While there we ate BBQ (*use a large cookie cutter to cut out cowboy themed bread for the sandwiches), salad, spicy chips, and fruit. After the grub was gone we had a shoot-off. We filled water guns with water (dye red and wear white shirts if you really want some fun). Stood back to back; took 5 steps, and then turned around and blasted our partner as fast as we could. The kids giggled like crazy. The survivors of the deadly soot-off played horse shoes. To end the night we visited a local restaurant called “Cowboy Grub” where we had pie and hot wings (daddy couldn't resist the hot wings). They have a fun horse merry-go-round and fake bucking horse the kids can ride for free. What a wild night.


Pamela said...

Love it! You are super creative as ever. I can't wait to enjoy all the ideas you share. I have a fun one for you but I will email it because it is long.

Cam and Shae said...

So I love all of this:) I LOVE the Easter table and can't wait to see more. Good luck and I will make sure to let everyone I know about this CUTE blog. Oh for any one who is reading this the Chocolate Strawberry dessert cups are amazing!