Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Carved Wood Picture Frames

We carved and painted plain solid wood frames (purchased for $1 each at Michael's Arts and Crafts) to be given to friends as a wedding gift. I drew the designs onto a piece of paper which I then taped onto the frames. I imprinted the design into the wood by using a sharp metal object. I removed the paper, carved out the images, painted the frames green, and let the paint dry. I then filled in the carved design with brown paint and used a cloth to smudge a bit of the brown paint over the green surface to antique it a bit. I finished it off by painting all of the edges brown and spraying the whole frame with a glossy clear acrylic. I am proud to say that even after a year of marriage our friends still have these picture frames prominently displayed.


Jana and Brett said...

very creative! love the idea :0) is the owner of this blog who I think it is???

Unknown said...

These are super cute!! The patterns are simply elegant, is the pattern your original artwork?? So cute, and great idea!!

Katy said...

These are the cutest frames ever and the only thing that people will compliment about my home when they come over to visit! I have always loved them and still love them just as much as I did when I first received them over a year ago! Thanks Melissa!!