Monday, February 18, 2019

Baptism Rainbow Bookmark

Baptism Rainbow Bookmark

I finally created a bookmark that helps children remember the Baptism covenants they make and the promises they receive!  This bookmark coordinates with my Baptism Rainbow Talk and is free to use.  I am not sure how to upload a printable file so until I conquer that please email me for a pdf file.  I hope it helps someone :).

I have started giving a copy of the talk (also emailable in pdf form :)), the bookmark, and Skittles to each child in our ward who gets baptized.  It is my simple way of serving the children around me.  When I can find these awesome rainbow erasers ar the Dollar Tree I include those too.

 The coolest eraser ever!  These seem to come and go at our Dollar Tree.  Keep your eye peeled and when you find them purchase the whole case haha.

This is what the PDF file looks like.  There are three bookmarks per page.  

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Come Follow Me Altoid Container Idea

Come Follow Me 
Altoid Container Idea

"My Special Box" is a tiny box primary children fill each week with pictures and small tokens that represent the lesson topics learned. They can take these cute boxes home in December before they advance to the next class.

These boxes are decorated simply with decoupaged scrapbook paper, printed labels, and inked paper edges.  You could always allow the kids to decorate their own :).  I wrote the children's names on the bottom of each box with a permanent marker.

The tin box in the picture above contains every item you see in the picture below :).  This only takes up about 1/3 of the space in this tiny tin.  Room for more!

I was only in this calling for 2 weeks so will not be able to develop the idea much this time.  I was super excited to still represent the Armor of God, a family (paper doll chain holding hands), and so much more!  There are so many fun topics and pictures to use and the kids LOVE holding their own items each week.  I am not sure if you can tell but there is a tiny prayer rock in the bottom left corner.  I sent them home with a large prayer rock and made a small one for their box.   

These pictures were printed off of the FREE MEDIA LIBRARY located on  This site is amazing!  You can download and print hundreds of photos for your home and classroom use for free!  Many of the images will even enlarge rather big!  I found it was easiest to copy and save these images in a word document.  If you would like a copy of this word document please email me.  I would be happy to send it your way.   

I do not recommend sending these boxes home with the kids each week as you will probably not get them back. 

You can use items already in the box to teach many lessons throughout the year as there are a lot of repeated topics.  

Have fun!  If you think of something clever to put in, take a picture and I'll post it :)!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Thanksgiving Service Activity

Family Gratitude Journal
This Journal is a fantastic way to foster gratitude amongst family members this holiday season! 

All you need is blank paper and you could make this service activity work (instructions located below).  If possible, a stuffed turkey does make it a little more exciting.  I received this turkey years ago as a gift from my mother. She purchased it through Hallmark. After thinking up this idea, as usual, I wanted to mass produce it so had to find a cheaper bird :). I found a cheaper turkey through Oriental Trading Company for about $3.60 each.  The turkeys are cheap but work.  I also had my Girl Scout troop make their own turkeys out of felt and pipe cleaners.  They turned out fun and the girls had a blast.



Prayerfully choose a family member to serve.  Then, write them a sweet note expressing your gratitude and love.  Try to fill up a whole page.  When they are not looking, place this turkey and notebook on their pillow or in a spot they will find it.

Try to pass it along quickly so that each family member will have a turn to write to everyone in the month of November.  Those who are little can draw pictures and have others write for them.  If you have guests, allow them to join in the fun!  Once everyone has written a note to each family member, repeat the fun!  There are so many reasons to be thankful for those you love.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

4th of July Patriotic Banner

4th of July 
Patriotic Banner

I made this banner by printing off free famous American documents on 1/2 sheets of 8.5"x11" pieces of white cardstock.  Then, I cut a triangle out of the bottom and dipped all edges of the paper in black ink.  The stars were also cut out of cardstock and the edges were rubbed in a black stamp pad.

To connect all my documents and stars I punched 2 holes in each item and connected with twine.  Some of my stars wanted to flip so I held them in place on the wall with a few pieces of tape.

July 4th Painted DIY Pillows

4th of July 
DIY Painted Pillows

Happy 4th of July!  I wanted to create some July 4th decorations, so I decided to paint some more pillows haha.  I used scraps of fabric and found inspiration everywhere! I am not a painter or an artist.  I have never really taken art lessons...which may be obvious :).  I tell you this to encourage you to try it out!!  Paint some pillows!  The pillows are stuffed with smaller pillows and plastic bags.  

This pillow was inspired by a stranger's swimming suit I saw at the pool.  Her whole suit was covered in tiny flowers. 

This pillows basic design floated into my brain one fine day :).  After I painted it, I saw another girl in a swimming suit that had a similar design haha.  Swimming suits can be very inspiring!

One of my favorite pillows and painted by my sweet husband.  I told him that I wanted to paint with him and wondered if he could design a pillow that others could copy.  He came up with all kinds of bald eagles, head casts of presidents...  I shot him down, poor guy.  I wasn't sure if others would feel that those were easy to copy.  Nonetheless, I finally gave him a firework theme and he did great, as usual!  Thank you Thomas! 

This pillow was not my original design.  I found a free printable online and LOVED IT!  I painted a similar design. 

Here are a few super short tutorials...

I made and copied a star off my computer in Microsoft word and then cut it out. Then, I used painters tape to outline the star on my fabric.

Using a ruler, I drew straight lines across the star where I wanted my stripes.   

Then, using tape I taped off different lines to paint the various colors.  Painters tape works really really well!  Make sure you press down your edges for cleaner lines.

My flower pillow was made by taping off a star in the middle with painters tape.  Then, I filled in simple stars all over the rest of the pillow.  I liked to practice on paper before I painted on my pillow.  Make sure you paint a lot of flowers on the tape border so that you have a clean line when you remove the tape.

Happy Birthday America!